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Hi Fellow Genners:

We have exhausted the topic of "what to do when your fellow genner does not
say thank you...". I have a problem - I have found distant relatives who
live in my geographical area.

I have sent them two Passover cards. I have phoned them two times and left
messages on their voicemail.

Finally I sent them a legal style letter explaining who I am, who can
vouch for me and asking them to contact me via phone, email or

It has been two months now. I feel very rejected. If this happened to
me...and I was not interested, I would send them a line saying, thanks but
no thanks.... or make up some excuse....too busy, working too hard....but
thank them for their efforts.

I have found these people after the holocaust had flung my relatives all
over the place. Has this happened to any of you?
Do you have any advice?
Viviane Kluska
Canton, Michigan
Kindly reply to: _vivianeck2003@aol.com_

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