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Robert Dodell <RADodell@...>

Got a new scanner and I will be rescanning all my photos to the better
quality / resolution.
I am archiving the photos to a CD-Rom in case something happens to the

I am capable of scanning the picture to all sorts of resolutions 100 / 150 /
200/ 300 / 600 and even higher.
Can make 50% /100% / 200% scale or even higher
Output can be in "millions of colors / 256 colors (8-bit); 256 (web palette)
/ 256 colors (system palette) / 256 gray shades
The size of the picture could be .5 MB to 110 MB (okay, that is overkill)

My "problem" is what is the "best scan" I can get, without going to
overkill, in order to preserve my old photos?
Thank you to all in advance.
Robert A. Dodell

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