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Dave A

*Don't* believe the draft registration! Americans have always been very
patriotic and men have lied about their ages to be able to be drafted.

One gentleman who happens to be one of the few remaining WW1 veterans lied
and said he was born in 1899 when he was actually born in 1901 so that he
could join the fight!

Dave Kaplan

Fairfax, VA USA

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Subject: World War I Draft Registration Age - United States
Date: Sun, 29 May 2005 18:04:27 -0400
I have found several WW I draft registrations for the US in which the age
given differs >from what I have found in other sources - the age given is
usually older.
Would there be a reason to change the age? I have found records that change
the age to a month or so older (changed to the end of Dec of previous year
for example), a year, etc.

Would you trust the draft register or the year given in the 1900 census?
Social Security?

Carolyn Lea
Bowling Green, Oh

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