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Ruth Hyman <ruth.hyman@...>

I was interested in your message because my maternal grandmother
(along with my mother and her sibs) came >from Belarus to the U.S. in
1917 via the "eastern" route on the Fushimi Maru. They went across
Siberia through China to Japan and >from Yokahama to Seattle. A bit of
searching with Google reveals S. S. Siberia Maru that seems to have been
in operation a bit later. Some more looking is in order!
Ruth Hyman
Rockville Centre, NY

I have recently found a very old postcard (no message written on it) with a
photo of the S.S. Siberia-Maru on the front of it. In addition to the name
of the ship there are two lines of writing on the front in Japanese. I know
my mother-in-law left Russia and traveled to Japan and then on to Canada in
1918. Is it possible that this is the ship that made that journey?
Thanks in advance for any information available.
Sylvia Tulkoff

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