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Beverly Shulster <gettingbttr@...>

Stan Goodman wrote: opined:

Dear all,
I am asking a help to find the internet phonebook of city Hertzlia of
State Israel.
Research: POLLAK, MOSKOVICS-Romania (Petrova, Maramures and Oradea);
GRENWALD-Ashdod (Israel or US).
Best regards, Peter Polyak
There is no online telephone directory specifically for Herzlia or any other
location in Israel. Like online directories for other countries, there is a
single directory for the entire country. Its URL is:
< >.

Note that it is in Hebrew only, often loads at a glacial speed, and is tarted
up to an amateurish extent with Flash frames. Other than that, it is very
May I add that the last time I used it, it was possible only through IE
and not Thunderbird. I don't know about other browsers.

Also, please note that Stephen Morse has two aids to using the Bezeq
phone book
For English --
For help with the Hebrew --

And lastly, the URL for Bezeq (with a "Q") is
(though the above seems to work too).

Beverly Shulster
Yehud, Israel

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