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Shari Kantrow

Dear Genners,
Let me first thank you for all the incredible
tips, hints, clues and websites you have provided, and
for the incredible wealth of information I have
learned just >from reading others'postings. Because of
following your advice, I found two possible
break-throughs last night. However, there are some
questions I have that I am hoping someone can answer,
and boy do I need help.Please forgive me, as I cannot
figure out how to do viewmate.
1. My G-grandfather Peter MEYER came to NY (Castle
Gardens)in 1884. There is someone with this exact name
and his profession (carpenter) and year of birth, 1857
that came over on the ship P. Caland. I found this on
the Stephen Morse website. The question is, he is
listed as >from Germany, and on 1900-1920 Manhattan, NY
censuses his origin is listed as either Russia or
Poland. I assume Galicia, however, does "German" fit
in with this?
2. Using Stephen Morse's site again under Castle
Garden passengers, I did a search for my G-grandmother
Gussie MEYER, (Peter's wife) born about 1861. I had no
luck until I tried omitting her first name and used a
"starts with" search. I then tried her son Abe, born
in 1882, and Abe MEYERSCHER came up b. 1882, along
with Josef b. 1880, Salomon b. 1884 and the mother who
I am hoping is Gussie listed as Flake. I took a closer
look and realized it was actually Zlate. Here are my
- Could the name Zlate become Gussie?
- Could Gussie's age be off by 9 years?.
- As Gussie had several children who had died by
1895 that I do not know the names of, would it have
been likely that she would have named later children,
(my grandfather,Samuel and his brother Joseph) after
- The 1900 and 1910 Manhattan, NY census also
list a daughter named Celia, born about 1887 in
Russia, but she is not listed with the above group??
- The town of origin is listed as Yanona,
Austria. Has anyone heard of this?

I hope I am not just grasping at straws. Thank
you so much in advance for all your help.
Shari Kantrow

PLATZMAN, REYITTS (REIZ)Kamenets-Podolskiy, Podolia >NY

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