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Jenni Hymoff Koeppel

Hello again,

I got the following information >from the Waltham Archives regarding my ggf,

Set 6 1 document 3 pages – Israel Hymoff
Petition for Naturalization
Born Lublin Russian Poland Sept 11 1871
Arrived NY,NY June 26 1889

They do not have the name of the ship or any further information. I know
that he married Adeline Pauline KADETSKY widow WATERS around 1890, they had
5 surviving children (they and their own children all accounted for but the
names and birth years don't match with the children named in the 1900 census
so there must have been a few that did not survive). . In the 1910 census
an Israel Hymuth is registered in Rutland State Hospital and as coming >from
Germany - we are fairly sure it is the same person. Although the family had
not moved, they are not listed in the 1910 census. Adeline died in 1918 in
the flu epidemic. In 1920 Israel is listed in the census as living with his
daughter and son in law Max, as a matter of a fact, all Israel's children
were living with poor Max- he married an entire family, not just a wife!

1. Any suggestions on how to find out the ship he arrived in NY on to see
the manifests and maybe find out where he was really >from and
2. How could I get records >from the hospital, that no longer exists
according to Google info.
3. Any recommendations on what our next step should be?

Thanks in advance for all your help,

cheers, Jenni Hymoff

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