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Burt Hecht <burt1933@...>

I would recommend finding a copy of a New York (Manhattan) City directory
for that year to find your relative. Since there are alphabetical listings
and business listing - with advertisements - you might get a picture of the
actual building. My guess is that during that year the hospital was a
thriving institution in the East Harlem neighborhood.

Date: Wed, 08 Jun 2005 01:00:27 -0500
I have found a 1902 street address for a family
member. It is 1480 Madison Ave. This is across
the street from, and one block north, of the
present Mt Sinai Medical Center. Would this have
been a residential area in 1902?
Most certainly this was mixed residential and commercial uptown.

If so, how expensive?
That's certainly relative. If one shopped Gristede's - expensive; if one
visited the open air markets - less expensive.
Or could this be a business address?

If you are interested in a wonderful novel by one of America's great
writers, I'll suggest Henry Roth's "Mercy of a Rude Stream" - which provides
a retroview of the neighborhood in Manhattan. Good luck.

By the way, North Dakota, What city?

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