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Regretfully Latvia SIG announces that Constance Whippman will no longer be
involved with the All Latvia Database. We have worked closely together
since the launch of the All Latvia Database and I personally will miss her
contribution. Constance has written the detailed introductions that are
invaluable for an understanding of the databases. Her expertise is
unrivalled and it will be very difficult keeping up the high standard that
she has set. Latvia SIG and Courland Researchers in particular have
benefitted >from the hard work she has put in. She is a very busy lawyer
and has a heavy workload.
Additions to the All Latvia Database will go on as planned and as I have
said before there are a number of databases that will be going into the
Database in the next few months. The additions to the 1897 database are
ready and Constance has already written the Introductions. The delay is
due to the fact that the JewishGen Webmasters are very busy preparing for
the Las Vegas Conference and have not had the time to get the additions
into the All Latvia Database. I will post an announcement as soon as
they notify me that the additions are in the 1897 database.

Arlene Beare
Archive representative for Latvia SIG

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