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Hi groop
On the back of the mentioned bellow,
at least to the new genners,
The book '' Secrets of the Exodus''
will make fascinating reading.
it's the Egyptian connection.
authors: Messod and Roger Sabbah.
( I don't make any cash >from selling it.)
Zelick Mendelovich England

Subject: Jewish genealogy
From: Judith Romney Wegner <>
Date: Sun, 5 Jun 2005 20:40:32 -0400
Dear JGenners:

Yesterday in shul it crossed my mind that the idea of recording one's
genealogy for posterity goes back further than we may suppose.
For most of us, "doing our genealogy" is a pastime that began about
15-20 years ago. But yesterday's Torah portion, in which the Book of
Numbers opens with an account of Moses taking a census of the
Israelites "In the Wilderness" (that's the book's Hebrew name:
B'midbar), I noted the interesting Hebrew verb that means "giving
one's data to the census-taker."

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