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US Military Records Open Up-
Under an agreement with the Pentagon, military personnel files can be
released to the Archives 62 years after a servicemember leaves the military.
Records of those deemed "persons of exceptional prominence" can be released
10 years after their death. A June 2005 release includes only enlisted
sailors and Marines who served between 1885 and 1939. Officer files >from the
Navy and Marines will be released starting in 2036. The first Army and Air
Force service records are to be opened in 2022. World War II records are
another story. A fire in 1973 destroyed 29 million Army records, including
most >from World War II.

o To view records: In person in the research center. Appointments

o By mail: Write to National Personnel Records Center,
9700 Page Ave., St.Louis MO 63132-5100.
Copies cost 50c a page. (No e-mail or online records available.)
Bernard Kouchel

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