Re: preserving our research for posteriority #germany

Frank Mecklenburg <fmecklenburg@...>

Many thanks to [Barbara Algaze and] Werner Frank for having started this
current initiative.

To follow up on Mr. Frank [and Mr. Falk's] suggestions: The most important
thing is to deposit your research materials with a publically accessible
library to preserve, catalog and make available what you have been
collecting and researching for all those years and cannot or don't
want to keep in your home any longer.

Ideally you deposit with an institution that is connected to the internet
via electronic catalog, and even better where the files will go online
in digital form.

Leo Baeck Institute is in the fortunate situation to do so.
Therefore Werner's appeal makes a lot of sense and which I endorse,
of course.

However, as others have suggested, to keep the materials in the country
of origin makes a lot of sense; in the UK at Wiener Library for instance,
Israel at CHJP or various other libraries.

In the end we'll all be connected and interlinked to the benefit of
researchers around the world. Aside >from preservation and accessibility,
the context into which your materials will go by way of cross references
with place and family names in the catalogs enhances their value.

Leo Baeck Institute is welcoming your family histories and genealogies
along with the research files, and if you are not sure, please
contact me, I am happy to help as much as possible.

Dr. Frank Mecklenburg, Director of Research and Chief Archivist
Leo Baeck Institute - 15 West 16th Street, New York, NY 10011 fmecklenburg@... (Telephone & fax numbers on request)

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