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Peter Strauss

Hello, Mr. Marquardt:
I was very interested to read about your visit to Wronke and the cemetery
I am one of the people who works on and maintains the IAJGS Jewish
Cemetery Project pages, where we keep whatever records we can find
of Jewish cemeteries world-wide.

We do have an article on the cemetery of Wronke; I was wondering if you
had taken any photographs of the cemetery >from a broad perspective.
We are always interested in such photos.
We do not, as a rule, post pictures of individual gravestones, but if you
have some pictures of the cemetery and would permit us, we would very much
like to put them up on our page for Wronke, especially since some
other structure(s) are to be built on the site.

Thanks very much,

Peter Strauss, Germany Coordinator & Technical, IAJGS Jewish Cemetery Project
Wronke page:

Tue, 21 May 2013 Philipp Marquardt<imothep240@...> wrote:
My Name is Philipp Marquardt and I am a researcher in Germany.
I live in lower Saxony not far away >from Hannover.

Over the Weekend I was in Wronke helping to identify the recently found
Tomstone fragments. Some are made of silesian Marmor. We started numbering
the Fragments (some Studends >from Posen with their Teacher started reading
the Hebrew Inscriptions) and by the Number 400 we had to stop while
it turned out to be more stones than first thought. (I would say now that
I saw them myself that it really are over 700 Fragments).
Some very intersting names are shown there, like NOCHEM; WEISSKOPL;
The City Wronke plans to build a Lapidarium on the Place where once the
old Jewish cemetery was. I can provide anyone who likes to know more with more
information and contact info of the City Wronke and the planed Lapidarium.
I am also looking for Relatives >from Jews in Wronke. Maybe someone
remembers going inside the Synagoge and in the room before the
prayersroom seeing a black Stone with a inscription in Hebrew and German.
I uploaded the pics I made to Drop Box and if someone has a Account
(up to 2,5GB is free) there I can give access to it( for free of of course).
Any info; pictures and stories about the Jewish life in Wronke would be
great to know.

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