Re: Erlangen Germany appoints a "Commissioner" #germany

Fran Luebke <franluebke@...>

I couldn't be more delighted with the appointment of Christof Eberstadt
as Commissioner. I have known Christof for a number of years and am
deeply aware of his devotion to preserving the history of Jews in
Franconia and in other areas of Germany. Many people, including myself,
have benefited >from his thorough research in a various of areas of
Germany and his generosity with his time. He has demonstrated that he is
most deserving of this honor and the humble manner in which he has
accepted the appointment is another testimonial to his character.
Bridging the past centuries, the present and pointing to the future are
crucial in maintaining the continuity of the communities and encouraging

Congratulations, Christof and I just hope that you were also given
several more hours to your already packed days!

Fran Luebke, Brookfield, Wisconsin USA

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