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Dear Genners,

In last quarter of 19th century how long was army service?
At what age was a man/ boy called up?

Would someone be able to confirm that the following tale is likely to be
correct. .
The one remaining living child of my grandfather's brother says her father
did 2 stints of army service one in his own name and one in my GF's name at
the request of my GGmother, his mother. She thought my apparently sickly GF
would not survive.
I have a copy of a paper >from the Lithuanian Archives stating that my GF
went to the army (Went to his call up or actually served is not clear)
whereas his nephew had not complied.
Naturally I presumed GF had at least been called up, possibly discharged as
sickly, but now great uncle's daughter says probably her father went in his
own name and also as big brother.

Big brother was 5 years older than baby brother. Big brother was of small
stature. Baby brother was big.
Apparently 2 of his children were born while he was in the army. This would
be when baby brother was in his late 20's or early 30's.

Thank you
Ros Romem

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