Dear Kerri,

Are you quite sure about the spelling Sevednie?

I could not find anything named Sevednie. There is a Serednje, which lies about halfway between Mukacevo
and Uzhorod in the former Czechoslovak province of Podkapartska Rus, now part of Ukraine. It would have
been part of Hungary prior to 1918. Might this be the place?

I also found two places not far away >from there called Serednie Wielkie and Serednie Male -- which lie in
the picturesque mountainous southeastern-most tip of Poland next to the border with Ukraine and
Slovakia. Both would have been part of the Austrian Crownland of Galicia (Galizien, Galicja) prior to 1918.

Much of the population in these areas was Ukrainian- or Rusinian-speaking, which would seem to
correspond well to the form of the name Oguvcak.


Rick Pinard

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