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Paul Silverstone

Barney BARNATO's original name was Barnet ISAACS. He arrived in South Africa in
1873 >from England where he joined his older brother Henry. He had a sister Kate
(Isaacs) Barnato who married Joel JOEL. They had three sons, Woolf Joel, Lt. Col.
Solomon (Solly) Barnato Joel, a financier, and Jack Barnato Joel. He met his wife
in 1874 but their 3 children were born nearly 20 years later: Leah Primrose,
Isaac Henry (Jack), Woolf. The book "Jews of Britain" by Paul Emden, does not give
any details about his wife.
His son Jack was a flyer in WWI, later killed.

Paul Silverstone

bxzi@... wrote:

3 quick questions:

1) Was Jack Barnato the son or the nephew of Barney Barnato?

2) Was his widow (Dorothy or Dorothee) of Jewish ancestry?

3) Did they have any children?
Paul Silverstone
New York
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