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Alvin Saile

I know very little about my father's family and would like to find relatives.
His name was Nissen (Nathan) Yankel ROTHSCHILD, born in 1892 in Nowogrod as
stated on his birth certificate. His father was Wolf Baer (Berek) born about
1859 and died in 1892. It is possible my ggfather was Notek Mejierowicz
Rothschild. which I found in JRI-Poland with the name spelled ROTSZYLD.

My father went to live in Kolno as a child before coming to the US.
The records >from Kolno were destroyed by fire. His mother was Eni Liba
KOLINSKY >from Kovno. There seems to be no records that I can find and
no living relatives to ask. And would greatly appreciate any help.

Evelyn Saile
Gaithersburg, Md.
Researching: Rothschild/Rotszyld Nowogrod, Lomza, Philadelphia
Krekstein/Krickstein Grodno, Odessa, Warsaw
Kolinsky, Kovno/Philadelphia
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