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Hello, Dear Colleagues!

I'm trying to locate any information about 3 siblings of the LIP[P]NER
family, originally >from Sosnowitz, Poland, who immigrated to the USA. I
think I've found two of them in the EIDB, and I have old addresses of
two of them.

Parents: Itzhak-Leib & Rivka LIPNER (both probably born in the 1860s),
lived in Sosnowitz, Poland.

The details I know about the 3 siblings in the USA are:

* Rae (originally Rahel) GLEITMAN (nee: LIPNER), born ~1890.
I've found her in the EIDB as Rohla GLEITMANN, arrived in 1914 to NY.
An old address of her I have is:
115b west 168 st.
Bronx, NY

* Adolf (originally, probably, Aryeh) LIPPNER, born ~1890.
I've found him in the EIDB, arived in 1913 to NY.
I've also found only one Adolf LIPNER in the SSDI, he died in NY in Dec.
1974. SSN: 076-28-0954.

* Henry S. Lipner, probably born in the 1890s.
I have an old address of him:
221 east 91 st.
Brooklyn, NY
I've also found only one Henry LIPNER in the SSDI, he died in NY in Jul.
1985. SSN: 050-05-5451.

Any help with locating information about those people and about their
descendants will be much much appreciated.

Arnon Hershkovitz, Israel

HERSHKOVITZ: Galati, Romania -> Israel (1882), some left to the USA,France, SA,
Australia; JACOBSON: Pinsk, Belarus -> Israel (1880s); GOLDBERG: ? ->Jerusalem
(1st mid 19th cen.), some left to USA, Paris; LIBMAN: Kuzmin & Krasilov,Ukraine
(Volhynia Gub.) -> Israel (1920s); SCHREIER: Orinin, Ukraine (Podolia Gub.) ->
Israel (1920s), Russia, USA; TROP: Vilnius, Lithuania -> Israel (mid 19th century);
BRUMBERG: Kuzmin, Ukraine (Volhynia Gub.) -> Cuba, USA (1900s);

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