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Judith Romney Wegner wrote: < The initial letters of the phrase >from Psalm 118,
qof-resh-vav-bet-tzaddi, would have had to be tampered with to
produce a spelling that would accurately represent either in Hebrew
or in Yiddish the precise sounds in the name K-R_A-V-I-TZ -- for
instance, by changing the vav of "vi-yeshuah" to an aleph to get
the "A" sound in the first syllable of KRAVITZ, and adding a yod
after the bet of "be-oholei" to get the "i" sound in the second
syllable. Furthermore, the name KRAVITZ when written in Yiddish would
presumably be spelled with a double vav and not a bet at all. >

Acronyms by nature are often imprecise.

Kravitz is spelled with a bet (vet).

I think it is flippant and facile to suggest that the origins of the surname
as Aizic has it is merely 'folk etymology'. Perhaps they were pulling the
wool over the eyes of the authorities in their choice of surname; investing
it with a meaning they could live with. Maybe the verse >from psalms was the
title of a book an ancestor wrote. Either Aizic knows for sure, or the
secret has gone to the grave with his esteemed ancestors.

Varda Epstein
Efrat, Israel

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