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Abuwasta Abuwasta wrote:

Dear Genners,
Just spoke to an Israeli of American origin whose grandfather came to the US
from Lithuania at around 1901 via New Haven,CT. There was a customs house in
New Haven and some ships which carried passengers got them off board in New
Haven. He claims that there > was quite a number of Jews who took this route.
I hope that this will open an avenue to those who do not find their relatives
on EIDB.
To those looking for arrivals at New Haven, CT:

NARA Microfilm Publication M575, "Copies of Lists of Passengers Arriving at
Miscellaneous Ports on the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts and at Ports on the Great
Lakes, 1820-1873" can be accessed at most National Archives Regional Centers or
at NARA in DC. Arrivals at New Haven, CT, 1820-1873, can be found of Roll 5 of
15 rolls.

NARA Microfilm Publication M334, "A Supplemental Index to Passenger Lists of
Vessels Arriving at Atlantic and Gulf Coast Ports (Excluding New York), 1820-1874"
can also be accessed at NARA Regional Centers or at NARA in DC.

Note that these publications only cover the period 1820-1874.

Good Luck!!

Joel Stearman
Potomac, MD
Volunteer Genealogy Consultant, NARA DC

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