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Ury Link

Dear Genners,
Myra Waddell asked:
>>I have recently discovered that my great-grandmother's given name is
Keiller or Caila - I have two different spellings. She either came >from Irkutsk in
Siberia or >from the Lomza Province. Does anyone recognise this name or have
any idea what the correct spelling would be?
Myra Waddell. (Adelaide, South Australia)<<<<

My answer is, This women name is a very old Jewish-German name >from the
Middle ages. dr Siegmund Salfeld in his book "Das Martyrologium des
Nurnberger Memorbuches", Berlin 1898 verlag Simion,mention this name few
times in 1298 as Cyla ( Kaf - Yud - Lamed - Alef ) and in the same year
in another place in Germany as Kyla ( Kuf - Yud - Lamed - Alef ) . In
German he give the spelling as Kaila and Keyla. Salfeld give few
reference to the name as a old German name that get out >from the names
Gela, Gele and Kela. Geil or Keil mean in old German a women that is
cheerful,luxurious,reckless and vulgar . Another explanation is that it get
out >from the name Gele what is a diminutive of the name Gertrud (Duden
,Lexicon der vornamen ,Manheim 2004).

I have another explanation , that this name get out >from the Hebrew name
Chaya. In Easteren Europe we see that >from Chaya we get Chayalle and them
Kayalle, Kayle and Kyla. It can be that the sources are different in
Germany then In Russia or Poland.

Best regards
Ury Link

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