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Wigdor ZYLBERMAN married Ryfka MAKOWER in Przasnysz in 1844.
Ryfka's parents were Boruch Szymkowicz and Ruchel bat Jakob.
They lived in the shtetl of Romany Dzialo and their childrens' births were
recorded in Chorzele. In 1845-57, Ryfka is listed as Ryfka daughter of
However, in 1862 she is recorded as Ryfka SZPILMAN for the births of
Aron and Nosek and when Srol Jankief was born in 1863, she was recorded as Ryfka

Apparently, surnames were a bit variable here, but now I have two
additional surnames.

If this is familiar to anyone, please contact me privately at

Marty Meyers

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