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< There were Jews in England before the Norman conquest but after the
Norman conquest the Jews who were already in England found themselves culturally
and otherwise taken over by the French Jews. >

==I'm surprised by this. I grew up in England and was educated (many decades
ago) at Jewish academic high schools, but have ever before heard this. I
just checked the Enc Jud to get more information, and there learned that
England was among the last countries in medieval Europe where Jews settled.
There is mention of a possibility that "a small nucleus" of Jew may have lived
there under the Romans, and that in the Saxon period, "isolated Jews extended
their commercial activities as far as the British Isles". The EJ adds that the
"slender evidence" formerly adduced in support" of this belief "has no

==The Author of this section, incidentally, was British-Jewish
academician-historia Cecil Roth, an authority on British Jews if ever there was
one, who served as senior editor in Jerusalem of the Encyclopedia Judaica. There
is no on further information in the latest update (CD ROM edition) about original
Jewish settlement in England

==I'd really be excited to learn of recently discovered support for the
belief that there was a Jewish community in Enland before 1066.

Michael Bernet, New York,

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