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Yisrael Asper

Jews did "arrive" in the Americas at least in the days of Bar Kochva. There are
Bar Kochva coins in the Americas and even a stone saying for the land of Judah.
Similarly Romans "arrived" in the Americas too a Roman bust was discovered in
Last I read it is not apparent though that the Jewish community had a separate
existence. Perhaps they quickly intermarried. What is known is that Columbus did
not discover America exactly. There were apparently accidental contacts.
The difference is once Columbus discovered America it never had to be
Yiisrael Asper
Pittsburgh PA

<The first Jewish families arived in Britain perhaps with the
Phoenicians, far more tha 2000 years ago, as Simon Goulden of the
United Synagogue writes here:

Daf Hashavua 23/9/2000 <>

Or else they surely came with the Roman conquest,>


The website source speaks of the Cornish town called Marazion being
possibly an indication that Jews were in Cornwall in the Phoenician
period. This has been refuted many times. Similarly as to Jews in
Roman Britain, this was examined extensively by Shimon Applebaum in
an article in Transactions of the Jewish Historical Society of
England, vol 17, 1953. He concluded that there was possibly some minor
evidence but it was very problematic and uncertain.
The possibility however is much greater than Jews having arrived in the
America's before 1492.

If the first Jews came only with or shortly after William the Conqueror,
the fact that they were explelled >from Britain in 1395 strengthens that.

Evertjan Hannivoort.

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