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"KSL" <> wrote
It almost certainly is out of copyright by now (Author's lifetime plus 50

If the library is interested in retaining the book for its contents and
so much for the actual original physical object, then perhaps you could
persuade them to photocopy it, and have the copy bound, all at your
of course.

They could then retain the bound copy and allow you to purchase the
original, sentimentally valuable to you, original book.

Ken Lipworth

"Tom Venetianer" <> wrote
Dear all,

I need a tip. My uncle, a Holocaust victim and a quite prominent lawyer,wrote a
book, published in 1938.I discovered a copy in a Slovak library and tried
to buy it but was turned down by the chief librarian.

Any ideas about how I could convince her to sell it to me. To the library the
book is just an old tractate dusting on their shelves, for me an
invaluable memorabilia.

Many thanks and regards
I think that it is more likely to work the other way round. After all the
original document is a historical artefact and libraries buy books as much
as for their historical significance in terms of what the actual copy says
about a book and the times in which the book was produced.

I doubt that the library would be interested in keeping a photocopy of a
book. After all, I don't go into a Library to see photocopies of a book.

It may be that there are other relatives who would also like to see this
book. They can look at it, albeit with some difficulty, in the Library in
Slovakia - they can't with respect see it in Tom's study.

Nick Landau
London, UK

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