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With pleasure we announce that the Dutch Jewish Genealogical Data Base
on our website:-

has been extended with a specific Amsterdam-Mokum database page:-

(defined as section #4 of the general database):-

with 8 specific Amsterdam databases (1 existing-Asjkenazi Amsterdam in the
Eighteenth century- and 7 new ones):-

Asjkenazi Amsterdam in de Eighteenth century
Inventory of Ashkenazi-Jewish Inhabitants of Amsterdam in the Eighteenth
(experimental version) -by Moshe Mossel.

Trouwen in Mokum.15278 Jewish Marriages in Amsterdam 1598-1811 by
Dave Verdooner & Harmen Snel.Based on the famous book by the same name.

Marktkaarten. Marketing permits. Archives of marketing permits.16448
marketing permits >from 1912 till 1954, composed by Dave Verdooner.

Portugese huwelijken. 6389 Portugese marriages >from the year 1664 till 1926.
Edited and composed by Dave Verdooner & Harmen Snel.

Begraaf-verloven. 19642 burial permits >from 1834 till 1935.
Edited by Dave Verdooner.

Gemeentearchief Amsterdam register van naamaanneming. 10697 family names
adoptions->from 1812 till 1835.
Edited by Dave Verdooner & Harmen Snel.

Muiderberg. 22336 burial details >from 1834 till 1954.
Edited and composed by Dave Verdooner in cooperation with Remmert
and Ury Link.

Ashkenazi huwelijken. 12139 marriages >from 1830 till 1937.
Edited by Dave Verdooner.

All databases are equipped with a well developed search routine.

Some databases have introductions attached. We recommend reading them for a better
understanding of historical backgrounds, the way the data were compiled,
and how these are to be approached for better use and interpretation.

We shall appreciate remarks about corrections of mistakes and inaccuracies,
provided these are accompanied by reference to documentation or clearly
identifiable source material.

Our special thanks go among others to Moshe Mossel, Dave Verdooner,Harmen Snel,
Odette Vlessing (the introduction to the Muiderberg database) and Nico
Creveld (webmaster and development) for their contributions.

On behalf of the Genealogical Department of the
Center for Research on Dutch Jewry,

Ben Noach-Coordinator of genealogical activities.

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