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Mark Halpern

I see that Alexander Sharon has already located your Austrian town of
Komarno, which is now in Ukraine.

You should search the JRI-Poland database by going to
and clicking on Search Database. The newly revised search capability
allows you to search for a surname >from a specific town. Enter surname
FRIEDMANN as the first Search Parameter and set to Sounds Alike. Then
enter town Komarno "is exactly" as Parameter 2. The result will show
every FRIEDMANN record (and spelling variations) that shows Komarno the
town of registration or a town mentioned in the record.

Even common names can now be searched in the JRI-Poland database with
more confidence. You may also want to try a double Surname search to see
if any records in the database include both FRIEDMANN and TAUB.

Mark Halpern
JRI-Poland AGAD Archive Coordinator

---- Original Message -----
I'm having difficulty identifying which Komarno my grandmother was from
to begin to search for records. The family names are TAUB and
FRIEDMANN so these are too common for identification.
The only primary document I have is my grandmother's birth certificate
which appears to be written in Austrian.

Any suggestions for how to proceed?

Michael Goldrich

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