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Libraries *do* sell books. Culling is a common practice in almost every
library in the world.

A library is not a black-hole into which books get sucked never to emerge

They are dynamic repositories, that buy sell and swop books on a regular

Of course, there are certain books and documents that a library will *never*
part with, but for a book of the type I understand Tom's uncle's book to be,
there is a good chance it will be culled some day.

Ken Lipworth

"Stan Goodman" < > wrote in message

Libraries are full of old dusty tractates; that's what they do, and it's
one of the differences between libraries and bookstores. Libraries _acquire_
books, they don't sell them. It might be a better idea to ask her for the
addresses of dealers in old books. Or to buy a much more valuable book (that
they don't already have) and offer to swap.

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