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Libraries *do* sell books. Culling is a common practice in almost every
library in the world.

A library is not a black-hole into which books get sucked never to emerge

They are dynamic repositories, that buy sell and swop books on a regular

Of course, there are certain books and documents that a library will *never*
part with, but for a book of the type I understand Tom's uncle's book to be,
there is a good chance it will be culled some day.
This is the Retention and Disposal Policy of the State Library of New South
Wales, Australia.

According to this, the NSW Library permanently retains material that has
been accessioned to it.
The exceptions to this are: 1 Missing items, 2 Faulty or damaged items, 3
Items not in a suitable condition for lending, 4 Items in poor and
deteriorating condition, 5 Items outside or marginal to the Library's
Development Policy, 7 Incomplete Multi-part Works, 8 Superceded Material, 9
Duplicates, 10 Items Accessioned in Error.

I suggest that you actually refer to the webpage before querying the above
which is just a summary.

I might add that as a recent UK Freedom of Information Officer, that every
public organisation all of which are bound by the FoI Act should have a
Retention and Disposal Schedule. They cannot arbitrarily get rid of any
document but must have a Schedule governing the disposal of documents. If a
request is made for a document, they must know whether they still have the
document and ideally be able to show that there is some Policy for releasing
or disposing of any document.

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