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Yisrael Asper

Experts saying something is a hoax is not always good enough. A scientist saying
something can't be has a job secured for him. The one who says something can be
has to struggle for sure. The coin was in the same basic area as the stone saying
"for the land of Judah."
Perfect nationalism expressed for the Bar Kochva period. That stone's words and
letters were unknown until Cyrus Gordon identified the letters as Hebrew and said
what it meant. He did this by simply turning the stone right side up. A forger
would have let everyone know which side was up. He also identified it as being
from approximately the first or second century. This fits in with the Bar Kochva
coins and the Roman coins and bust also in time measurements made. It seems that
there probably were far sailing in the Roman Empire at least. The Lembas of South
Africa have been identified as being descendents of Jews exactly as they claimed.
Maybe these Jews were also >from the Roman Empire. Could all this be a coincidence
and the Bar Kochva coins just happen to fit in with the nearness to the stone and
the time frame of the Roman artifacts and the amazing proof for the Lermbas who
live on the bottom of Africa yet? I don't think it could be likely. The Bar Kochva
coin looks like it was stamped on another coin exactly what one would expect >from
the Bar Kochva rebellion. It is easy to imagine less exactitude if you have to put
a coin on old coinage. It is interesting that in the article speculation about
how these coins landing in America as forgeries are so easily made despite the
fact that it is supposedly a forgery of tourist trade people in the Holy Land.
Meanwhile in the article on the Roman coins it says with so many coins some say
it has to be true. Also a beard on the Roman bust should be brought up in the
evidence as American Indians do not have beards.

Yisrael Asper
Pittsburgh PA

< > wrote:

Jews did "arrive" in the Americas at least in the days of Bar Kochva.
There are
Bar Kochva coins in the Americas and even a stone saying for the land of
Judah. says that these coins
were identified as modern replicas by a coin expert at the Israel Museum in

Similarly Romans "arrived" in the Americas too a Roman bust was discovered
in Mexico.

Nick Landau
London, UK

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