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Ury Link

Dear Genners.
Nurith write:

>>I have been reading this thread with interest. My daughter is named Kaila,
spelled in Hebrew kuf-yud-lamed-hay. I have also seen it spelled
kuf-yud-lamed- alef and kuf-yud-yud-lamed-alef. In English, I have also seen it
as Kayla.
We named our Kaila after her 5x-great-grandmother who lived in Germany,
born in 1799. I was originally told it came >from a Hebrew word meaning "to crown."
Later on, I looked up the root kuf-lamed-lamed and the dictionary gave "crown"
as one meaning, along with (ouch!) "to destroy." Obviously, we prefer to go with
the more royal definition.
Nurit Kraus-Friedberg >>>

My question is what was the dictionary that you look in and find that the
root " Kll" is a Crown ?
I can not find it and I have good dictionary in my home. One of the
explanation in the dictionary of "Ben Shushan" of this root is that it
mean Copper or Bronze.
Another question is what have the name Kaila to do with Hebrew ?
A lot of people wanted to find in every Jewish- German or Yiddish name a
Hebrew root,sometime it is a Hebrew root but sometimes it is not to find
and the root of the name is in another language.

Best regards
Ury Link

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