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Steve Orlen

Dear Cousins,

A cousin in the male WOLINSKY line has recently put his DNA on the Houston,
TX site (I'm not supposed to advertise this site?). He got some 25-marker
exact match hits, but none >from WOLINSKYs (except for one, but that was
quite unusual, as his family took on the name in America & no one knows
why; plus, they came >from a very different part of the Pale.)

If any WOLINSKY'S out there are interested in finding a possible match, I
suggest you do the swab.

Best, Steve Orlen
Tucson, AZ

BELKIN (Boguslav, Odessa), BOIM (Zasliai), MELNICK, LIBERMAN ha COHEN,
WEISBERG, AMSEL, TROUBH, KAY (Dvorets, Pinsk, Pochopovo, Montreal), ORLIN
(Boguslaviskis, Vilnius, Vieves, Zasliai), MEREMINSKY, EPSTEIN, HABERMAN,
WOLFOWITZ, ZELIVANSKY (Slonim, Deretchin), WOLINSKY (Boguslav, Odessa,
Alexandria, Palestine), ADELSON (Wysokidwor, Trakai), KABATCHNIK/FINN
(Vilnius), SUHER/SUCHETT (Kovno)

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