JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Seeking location of Jatyn/Jahotin in Russia/Poland #general

Deb(orah) Cohen Skolnik

My maternal grandmother, older brother and his family
are listed on the Ellis Island immigration records as
having come >from Jatyn/Jahotin in Russia (in
1902/1903). I haven't been successful in figuring out
where that was (or is).

If anyone out there can help with direct knowledge, or
point me towards a resource that might help, I'd be
very grateful. Thanks!

Debbie Cohen Skolnik


LANDY, LANDE, LONDIN -- Bialystok-Chicago (Tilly Landy)
GARBARSH, GARBAR, GERBER -- Ostrow - Chicago (Jacob Gerber)
SOLUTUSZKYN -- ??Jatyn (on Ellis Island Records)-Brooklyn, NY
Peshe (Bessie) Solutuszkyn Cohen
KISSIN -- Kiev-Brooklyn, NY became Barney or Barnet
Cohen at some point

MODERATOR NOTE: Try the ShtetlSeeker database to help
find Jatyn/Jahotin. The town search is available at
< ttp:// .

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