JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen NYC 2006 conference #general

Shelly Weiner <shellyjag619@...>

To those who say that New York in August is way too hot...

Ask any of the 600+ couragous souls who ventured to Las Vegas in July of
this year for the 2005 conference if the weather prevented them >from having
a great conference.

Shelly Weiner
LV2005 Resource Room Chair

BYCZOK/BYCHKOFF/BICHKOFF..(Walkowisko)Poland -->Detroit MI
FELDMAN.. (Hungary) -->New Brunswick NJ
NOCHINOWSKI/NASH.. (Ostov) Russia -->Detroit MI
RYZI/RUZI/ROSSEN.. (Staraya Rafalovka, Ukraine) -->Detroit, MI
SMOLYAR/SMOLER/SMOLAR..(Vladimerets or Stahovka Ukraine) -->Detroit MI

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