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Alan Raskin <araskin@...> wrote:
The 1911 Canada Census is wonderful, except that there is no name
search, and the only information I have is that my Rosner family came
from Romania after 1901 to reside in Montreal. I have randomly gone
through some of the Montreal pages but have not yet found any that are
Jewish districts. Could some one out there give me a clue? Each
district search requires a pdf download and searching through every
page for Montreal residents is time consuming.

I would really appreciate your help.

Beatrice Markel
Redondo Beach, California
You might want to send a request to the Toronto Public Library's Answerline:

If you give them a name and up to three dates, they will do a city
directory lookup and give you back an address. They could probably also
tell you the matching census district.

Unfortunately, until the Automated Genealogy group gets around to
indexing the names for the 1911 census, as they did for the 1901 census
(, after getting the district
you'll still have to go through the census images one at a time.

- Alan

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