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Hi researchers
A lot of detective work and help >from other researchers, whom I thank ,
brought me to Ellis I. where I found someone >from my father's family who is
the only one to escape before the war far as we know.
Josef Ide Mendlowicz and Gryna(ORBUCH) were married (or registersd)in
Crasnobord, in 1898.
I have the marriage certificate.
Josef's father Moshe Yankel MENDLOWICZ was the
Brother of Mendel Dawid Mendlowicz.
thats my g.fathers g.father. it is a long way back, but it's the only family
I know of so far on my fathers side.

MENDELOWICZ Gryna >from Komarow Poland, landed in Ellis Island in 1921 at
age 44,(b. 1877).
Found on the manifest : 2 - 627581 6/17/39.
and her husband living at: 71 Cannon st. New York N.Y. , with her father
(>from Komarow) .
Found on Jri-poland:
Her husband Josef Ide MENDELOWICZ >from Crasnobord.
Below her on the manifest/ or Ellis list,
MENDELOWICZ Chawa age 9.
MENDELOWICZ dawid age 6.
MENDELOWICZ Naftali age 14.
(MENDLOWICZ Chaje age 18.arrived 1920 not 1921 like the others.)but also a
Agood man sent me this:
I searched the 1930 census and found the attached family in Brooklyn.
Joseph, Gussie, Eva and David. Apparently Naftali was on his own by then,
perhaps married. The census shows them as Mendewitz. I could not find an N.
Mendelwitz in the 1930 census.

I could not find any person named Mendewitz in the Social Security Death
Index nor a David Mandel or Mendel that fits the profile. David almost
certainly Americanized his name, but to what is unknown.

Unfortunately it will take much research to find the family. You would have
to hire a professional genealogist to do the research.
So before I turn to proffesional help ,
Is there anyone out there who knows or knew : Gussie/Gryna MENDWITZ/ORBUCH
Eva or David or Naftali or Chaje MENDLWITZ / or similar.
The fourth daughter- Chaje Mendlowicz Arrived August 12 1920 >from Rotterdam
and there is address of father Josef Mendlowicz 107 debevoise str. Brooklyn

If I went it alone , what would my next step be ?
Zelick Mendelovich England

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