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Rony <golanron@...>


If you inquire with Bezeq 144 service (Information) about a specific
name/address, they will tell you if the number is "unlisted" ("Chasuy").
They will not tell you what the number *is*, but they will confirm that
there is a phone there.

Rony Golan
Ramat Hasharon, Israel

(This is a correction to my previous post which mistakenly referred to
Brodetzki Street. Sorry about that.)

Is there someone in north Tel-Aviv who can pass by a building on
Tagore Street and check the names on the mailbox for me please. I
have a name and address, but there is no listing in the phone book.
Before I assume it's simply an unlisted number, I'd like to see if there
is actually someone by that name at that address.

Israel Pickholtz

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