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Ralph Baer <baer@...>

I am interested in a translation of the Hebrew portion of the inscription on
the tombstone that I have posted on Viewmate as VM6564. The direct link is The stone
marks the grave of Anschel (Anselm) MAIER (MAYER, MEYER) in the Wiesloch,
Baden cemetery. Anschel was born on 1 October 1779, in Nussloch according to
Berthold Rosenthal (collection at the Leo Baeck Institute). He died on 12
June 1854 in Rohrbach bei Heidelberg (now Heidelberg-Rohrbach).

My primary interest is in finding out what it says about Anschel's father
because I have some question, due to the birth in Nussloch, if he is really
related to me and the other MAYERs and MAIERs in Rohrbach despite the fact
that Rosenthal does fit him into my family. Supposedly, his father was Moses
MAIER (20 October 1752 Rohrbach - 28 April 1824 Rohrbach), son of Mayer
Moses (about 1730 Rohrbach - 13 August 1807 Rohrbach). The latter was my
4th-great grandfather.

Thanks to Alex Calzareth who sent me the picture.

Please send all replies privately to, not to the account
sending this message nor to the list. Thank you.

Ralph Baer Washington, DC

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