JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Thank you all who say "Thank You," but, please be specific #general


It's great how genners are being more and more specific with their subject
lines, and how many take the bother to say "Thank you" to those who have helped
them with their inquiries.

I hope you won't think of me as churlish when I mention one more request.

When I see a subject line "thank you" I hesitate before deleting it,
scrutinize the sender's email name very carefully, wonder whether this may be
someone saying a personal thank you to me, and open the message.

Usually, it's just a waste of time. The message is usually a response to a
very specific expert with very specific knowledge that's far beyond my ken.

My request: add a couple of words to the Thank You subject line (also to
subject lines like "query," "help," "question," "puzzle," etc.), the name of a
city, a person, an event etc that will give an indication what it refers to.
That way each of us will know whether the Thank You could possibly have been
meant for us.

When you get up to 100 messages a day, the amount of time spent on opening
irrelevant messages and then deleting them >from the various parts of the system
in which they're automatically stored, really mounts up. I'd rather invest
that time in helping someone with a query.

Michael Bernet, New York,

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