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Jill Anderson <jill.anderson@...>

Dear Group
I am looking for the descendants of two brothers, Sam and Barnet, who
were both born in Rokiskis, Lithuania (Rucksik, Kovno) in the period
1880/99. The family, called Schwartz, emigrated to London UK in 1902
and the parents were Jacob and Dvorah. Other children were Alf, Eva,
Ray, Morrie, Becky, Marie and Harry (twins). The two brothers, Sam
Schwartz and Barnet Ginsburg went to the USA sometime before 1914.
Their daughters were Eva, Rose and Kate.
Please reply privately.
Thank you
Jill Anderson
London UK

Searching for: ABRAHAMSON - Rokiskis, London, USA ; SCHWARTZ/GINSBURG
- Rokiskis, London, USA ; SIEGLER/ZIMBLER - Plunge, Pumpenai, Riga,
St. Petersburg, London, S. Africa, Australia, USA, UK.
SCHUSTER - Lithuania, New Haven, CT USA. MARCUS - Riga, St.
Petersburg, London UK.

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