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Hello To All

I want to thank everyone who has helped in doing directory searches for
me. I have done some searching myself. Apparently sebastian was
residing in New York >from 1998-2002. I have been unable to trace him
after that, so I think he went back to argentina. I think he was only
living in the state to go to college. The interesting thing is most of
the references for him were new york marathons he competed in. So,
anyways I am asking for help again in trying to track him down. So if
any one living in argentina knows him or his family please let me know
how to contact him. He is the nephew of my grandfather milton FAIKES.

According to my mother sebastian's mothers name should Serula(Faikes)
BURD, not sure if thats the correct spelling of the first name. All
help is appreciated.

Sarah Greenberg

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