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Ann Rabinowitz <annrab@...>

It appears that the GINSBURG and SCHWARTZ families as described by Jill
Anderson do not exist in the voluminous Rokiskis records, although there are
plenty of other families by those last names who did exist.

The reason for this may be the following:

The names of the parents and chldren which Jill has are not as they appear
in the records as her names are Anglicized.

The family may have evaded or paid off the tax agents and therefore are not

The family were registered in another shtetl where they resided prior to
Rokiskis and their registration was never changed to Rokiskis.

They may actually have lived in Rokiskis a very short time and therefore not
been included in any records.

The family names of SCHWARTZ and GINSBURG may have been bogus and taken on
to avoid conscription, etc. The real family name under which they are
listed in the records may not be known.

Some avenues to try and find the family are:

Check the death records/cemetery records in England for the parents Jacob
and Dvorah and see who their parents were. Also find the ages of the
children and grandchildren to determine when they would have appeared in
various records for Rokiskis.

Look further into other related families and see if records exist for them.

You can also try to look through the Ellis Island Database and see if the
two brothers are listed.

Perhaps you will get lucky and some JewishGenner will recognize your family

Ann Rabinowitz

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