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The Goldsteins

I'm just beginning a search for my father's family. My father, Louis
GALANTER, came >from Beltz/Beltsy in Russia (now Balti, Moldova?) in
1922. He came with one brother, David, who died when I was 7 years
old and had no family. The rest of my father's family never made it
out of Russia before the iron curtain fell. My father died in 1973
at the age of 70. My father's parents were Sarah/Sorke and Jonathan
Galanter. His siblings were brothers Joseph and Moty/Mottel, and
sister Rose. Rose married Chayim, but I don't know their last name.
They ended up in Siberia. His brother Joseph got to Israel in the
early 1970's but died shortly after that. But I'd like to find any
cousins I might have. I have only a half dozen letters that got
through to my father >from his family over the decades. The letters
were written in Yiddish, and I found someone to translate them so I
could begin to piece some information together.

Does anyone know of Galanters >from Beltsy or know what records I can
search online? Any help or clues would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.
Janice Goldstein (nee Galanter)
St. Paul, MN

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