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Ada Green

On Sun, 31 Jul 2005 00:30:25 EDT <Wrosenz@...> wrote:

> Does anyone have any information on "First Chevra Ahavas B'nai Jacob? I
think it was a burial society >from Galicia.

You didn't mention the name of the city where it was located, but a burial
society with the name First Chevra Ahavas Bnai Jacob is located at
Washington Cemetery in Brooklyn, NY. You could have found this yourself by
going to the JGSNY cemetery project database at and doing a *keyword* search for the
word "Jacob." A keyword is the most unique word in a society's name.

I have no information about what ancestral place this society was
affiliated with, if any, since it is not mentioned in its name. Nor would
I know if a society with the same name existed in other US cities. Please
read our cemetery FAQ's at, especially #'s

Ada Green

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