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Prushim is a group of early Jerusalemites, who came to Israel >from eastern
Europe about 200 years ago. They were primarily followers of the Gr"a, the
Gaon of Vilna,who were ardent non (or anti) chassidim.

One of the major Burial societies in Jerusalem, if not the largest is the
society affiliated with this group. The family which runs the society is
called GELBSTEIN and the phone# is: 5384144 ( >from outside of Israel
you add 972-2-)

Yoni Ben-Ari, Efrat Israel

p.s. my father and most of my family were buried by this society

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Dear Cousins,

In 1916 my ancestor Greynem Grimovitch >from Slonim was buried in the Mount
of Olives cemetery. The Perushim Burial Society is mentioned. Can anyone
tell me about that society? Does it represent a town in the Pale? If so,
which one?

Best, Steve Orlen
Tucson, Arizona

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