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Kudos to Matt Friedman for setting down in print and distributing his
worthwhile ideas. For the past year, I have been privately discussing the
very same sources, namely yearly synagogue memorial books, as well as their
weekly lists and monthly newsletters, as superb sources of Jewish family

I personally have a dozen such items relating to Beth David Congregation in
Miami, Florida, and Temple Beth Am in Los Angeles, California. I hereby
volunteer my services.

(former member of JGS of Greater Miami and current member of JGS of Los

Henriette Mo√ęd Roth
Los Angeles, California

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Jay Lenefsky suggest that data >from synagogue memorial
boards be used as an untapped source of info. Its a
great iudea, but lets expand it. Most synagogues
publish a yearly Yizkor pamphlet for Yom Kippur.
Frequently it lists families and who they are
remembering. Many times those who have died since the
previous Yom Kippur are listed first. Synagogue
bulletins also list recent deaths and yahrzeits for
that month. (births and marriages too) Combined these
resources ar very rich..................
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