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I have been scouring online databases and JewishGen's databases for information
about my ggf's brother-in-law Abe LUBKOWITZ. Aside >from my contribution to FTJP,
the only record I find is his name as the destination for my great aunt Ethel
FARFEL LUBKOWITZ who traveled to the US with her brother, my ggf, Chaim FARFEL.
No census records, etc. To compound the mystery, I also can find no record of
their children Ida LUBKOWITZ BRODY and Rose LUBKOWITZ WEINSTEIN(who I am old
enough to remember vividly). I also cannot find Rose's husband, Lee WEINSTEIN
although I did find his sister, Minerva WEINSTEIN GREENFIELD.

Anyone who has any of these people on his or her tree? They were all in Brooklyn
NY >from around 1906 to 1960.

Thanks in advance
Lanie Bergman
Long Island NY

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