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M&M Schejtman <m&mschejtman@...>

Until 1884 there was no set 0 longitude location (prime meridian). As long
as the cartographer said where he was measuring >from that was OK.
The most famous places aside >from Greenwich, are Philadelphia, Jerusalem
and Ferro (Ferro is the smallest and furthest south and west of the Canary
Islands which are just off Northern Africa). Ferro was called for a very
long time the prime meridian (except by the British).
In 1884 the international meridian conference decided that Greenwich
England will be the universal prime meridian.

So when reading a map look at the bottom so you can gather all the
information correctly.

Merav Schejtman

===A second question: the 3rd Military Mapping Survey of Austria-Hungary,
the (East-West) , 45
minutes. That is, the longitudes shown at the top of the map are
consistently 17 degrees, 45 minutes too high.

That would make sense if they started with the zero longitude running
(North-South) through the western end of cornwall, or something. Has
anyone noticed theis problem with the map?

Steven B. Tesser

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