JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Re: Wallerstein, Furth and Schwarzrheindorf #general

Kitty Munson Cooper

Please have a look at the IAJGS cemetery entries for your towns and
take our survey with you:

Any updates on these cemeteries would be most appreciated.

Kitty Cooper
volunteer IAJGS cemetery project webmaster

THANNHAUSER Moenchsdeggingen, Swabia>Munich,Bavaria>Boston (also
Huerben>Munich and Fellheim>Philadelphia) KUTZ Moenchsdeggingen, Swabia
WURZBERGER, ENGEL Munich,Bavaria LANGERMANN Floss,Bavaria (NYC,SouthAfrica,
England) GUGENHEIMER Huerben>Kleinerdlingen,Swabia>Regensberg,Bavaria
GUNDELFINGER Huerben>Kleinerdlingen,Swabia STEINHARDT Floss,Bavaria

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